5 Best Types of Artists to Invite to Your Next Event


Planning an event is an art: so it’s important to take the time to be creative with your entertainment.  Whether you’re hosting a birthday party or a large convention, it’s a good idea to have awesome entertainment and fun planned for everyone.

These are the five best types of artists to invite to your next event and what they bring to the table. 

Celebrity Impersonators

Although a celebrity impersonator might not be what first comes to mind when looking for an artist for hire: these are incredibly skilled individuals.  Being able to take on the voice, personality, and appearance of a celebrity gives them the chance to add a fun edge to your party you wouldn’t get otherwise.  Not only can they entertain your guests, but they’re like a walking and talking photo opportunity to post and talk about.  This will hype your event further and make it something everyone wants to know about.  


We could all use a laugh these days.  One of the best ways to enjoy a good laugh is to consider hiring comedians who can take on the task of making your entire event laugh.  Look for someone who matches your sense of humor, and let them know what kind of crowd they’ll be talking to.  This can get everyone in a looser and more relaxed mood after a long day of stress.  Although some don’t, many comedians may even offer to MC, which frees you up for a lot of your own events!

Face Painters

If you’re throwing a birthday party or basically any event that needs a touch of whimsy, it’s time to consider hiring a face painter!  Face painters are amazing at keeping a crowd laughing and having fun, even as they’re sitting still to be painted.  This isn’t just for kids; adults can have fun having their faces painted as well!  Adults will love having the chance to sit and have fun designs painted on their faces, especially at parties where drinking and music are freely enjoyable! 

Classical Singers

Classical singing is something that can speak to our souls with words in languages we might not understand.  Not only does it take a supreme amount of skill to carry out the vibrattos and incredible breathing skills required to sing the classics, but it’s also a fantastic way to let an entire event know that you have amazing taste.

Although classical singers have become far less common in recent years, they’re still able to blow away a crowd and leave people eager to hear more. 

Solo Instrumentalists

Who doesn’t love a solo instrumentalist?  Whether it’s a violinist who can rock out on stage and blow people away with their skill, or a pianist who takes requests and plays passionately through any song they’re given, you’ll find endless skilled individuals who can keep you entertained and amazed: all wrapped into one single person.  Solo instrumentalists are amazing professionals everyone should consider hiring.

There’s No Party Without A Creative Edge!

Parties without fun and creative entertainment will flop every time.  Create a new experience for all of your partygoers, and invite these creatives soon!