5 Reasons Why Modern Small Businesses Need SEO to Compete

SEO to Compete

Do you own or want to own a small business? In the past, it was almost impossible for new businesses to survive in such a competitive landscape. Especially against larger competitors with deeper pockets. But at the turn of the century, the internet appeared. And it quickly became available to homes and families. A simple search for Spectrum in my area shows how easy it is to find high-quality residential internet services. This has transformed businesses, consumers, and interactions.

Digital marketing techniques like SEO can help businesses get ahead. But do you really need it? Find the answer to that below.

5 Reasons Why Businesses Need SEO to Succeed

The internet has made the playing field considerably level. However, you should know that competition is still intense in any business niche. Larger competitors want to swallow you up. Smaller ones will fight you tooth and nail for a larger market share. So many businesses compete over homogenous products and services. In this landscape, modern firms need techniques like SEO to survive and thrive. Here are 5 advantages of using SEO for your small business:

Increase Business through Local SEO

Local SEO offers the biggest advantages exclusive to small businesses. Small firms often lack the capacity to handle international customer bases. Even if they are willing to take on more business, they have constraints. However, local business is just as good as international business. Especially in terms of revenue. Utilizing local SEO can help local audiences find your brand and engage with it. Remember, local SEO queries usually indicate a stronger intent to buy. For example, “good hardware stores near me” indicate the user’s intent to buy from a local store. This is a business that you can capitalize on.

Improve Search Engine Visibility

Search engine visibility is a huge benefit that your business can leverage with the right SEO effort. In 2021, over 2.1 billion people were expected to make online purchases. This indicates that a business website is now the primary medium to sell goods and services. It is no longer an add-on or a “nice to have” business feature. Therefore, the bulk of your SEO efforts must focus on driving more traffic to your website. SEO techniques are a mix of best practices and an understanding of how search engines work. Used properly, they can help improve website rankings for relevant queries. This means more potential customers will be able to see you.

Boost Web Traffic and Engagement

Improving search engine visibility is not exclusive to just your website rank higher on a list. The idea is to get more users to engage with your website. As a general rule, website conversions are usually a very small percentage of website visitors. Therefore, to increase conversions, you may need to increase the visitor traffic on your website. With the right SEO efforts, your website ranks higher and becomes visible to more people. And as website traffic increases, so will the number of conversions.

Optimize Website for Search Engine and Users

Even the most interested user will balk at a bad experience. And it is no different in the digital world. A bad website experience could cost you lost revenue and wasted effort. However, SEO is based on optimizing a website for both users and search engines. Therefore, a strategic SEO approach can help you improve the digital experience you offer. For example, you could find ways to make the conversion process simpler and easier. Or you could improve your page load speed to reduce bounce rates and keep visitors engaged.

Boost Authority With Relevant and Valuable Content

Finally, the most significant advantage of SEO typically takes longer to accumulate. But it can also become a unique competitive edge. As you post more relevant and SEO-focused content on your website, a number of things happen. For one, the search engine’s algorithm can index and rank the content more accurately. This boosts the visibility and ranking of the page, especially for relevant queries.

Moreover, if you have high-quality content that delivers value to readers, their website behavior will reflect it. The search engine can pick up on this behavior, and rank the page still higher. The better your content, the higher the authority assigned to the page. By extension, this adds authority and credibility to the website as a whole. This means more pages rank higher, and the process snowballs.


SEO takes more time to offer measurable results compared to paid marketing. But it is still a very important business need. It is almost impossible for a modern firm to remain sustainable without SEO and digital marketing. And this could prove even harder for a smaller business like yours. Don’t underestimate just how useful SEO could prove for you.