7 Coffee Pairings to Entice Your Taste Buds


Coffee pairings can be from bread to spicy dishes. But, you need to know which pairings work best. In this way, you enjoy tasty treats all the time, and you can impress your guests with these pairings as well. Once you know which are the best coffee creamers to use in your coffee. You need to choose the best coffee pairings that suit your palette. Below are some coffee snack pairings you can try out to see which flavors you prefer and entice your taste buds. 

1. Avocado toast

If you love your crispy slice of avocado toast every morning, this can be your first pairing to start your day, only this time with your favorite cup of coffee. The avocado toast and coffee pairing are a favorite in many places worldwide as the toast offers a light and fresh breakfast. Plus, it is super easy to make at home, and you can enjoy it daily. One way to make your avocado toast is with smashed avocado toast, with chillis and salt sprinkled on top. 

2. Cinnamon buns 

This New Hertel Brunch Spot Has the Best Cinnamon Buns in Buffalo - Step  Out Buffalo

Another great combination is cinnamon buns and coffee. The spicy notes of cinnamon work best with the bold coffee flavors. Consume your cinnamon buns with a cappuccino for a frothy and creamy treat. When you order your coffee drink next at the coffee shop, grab a cinnamon bun and try out the deliciousness yourself. 

3. Coffee bread 

Coffee Bun Recipe by Spoonful Passion - Cookpad

Coffee bread is also known as a coffee loaf cake. It is a scrumptious cake you can eat as you drink your coffee. Try this pairing for a light snack or afternoon tea. It is a tasty partner for your favorite coffee drink. If your local coffee shop does not offer it as a pairing, make your coffee bread at home using your favorite coffee. It is easy to make and a perfect match. 

4. Creamy cheesecakes

New York Cheesecake - Joyofbaking.com *Video Recipe*

Most people’s favorite dessert is a cheesecake, and it is a go-to snack around the world to pair with coffee. Plus, it comes in a range of flavors, including coffee. The cheesecake is creamy, and it complements the coffee and creates a perfect balance between simple and strong flavors. Pair your creamy cheesecake with a light roast, for a dark roast will overpower it and overwhelm the cheesecake flavors. Enjoy a slice of coffee cheesecake, classic plain cheesecake, or even a chocolate cheesecake with your afternoon coffee drink for a delicious treat.  

5. French toast

Alton Brown's Easy French Toast Recipe | Alton Brown

For most people in Europe, French toast is a staple choice for breakfast, and it’s an ideal pairing with coffee. Notably, French toast goes well with any coffee, dark or light roast. Add sugar and little cinnamon to your French toast to compliment the coffee flavors further, with notes of spice and sweetness. 

6. Cooked breakfast 

There’s nothing quite like a pot of fresh coffee to start the day and a hearty cooked breakfast. Coffee pairs well with salty foods, and cooked breakfast is quite salty, intensifying the aroma and taste of coffee. The next time you make your breakfast, have it with your favorite morning brew for a satisfying addition. You can grill or fry some mushrooms and serve with crunchy toast, vegan sausages, and a cup of coffee. 

7. Muffins 

If you need on-the-go breakfast, muffins are a good choice while enjoying your morning coffee. Most coffee shops serve them on the counters as they are an easy choice for those looking for a flavorful and quick pairing. For a touch of tart sweetness, pair your Robust French coffee with a blueberry muffin. Optionally, for a lighter decadent treat, try a blonde roast latte with a classic chocolate chip muffin.

To conclude, the above are some tasty treat coffee pairings that you can try with your next brew. Most of them are easy to make at home, and you can make them how you know best and in enough quantities for everyone. Other pairings you can try are tarts, biscuits, crepes, French macarons, and biscotti, among many others. Also, you can have pairings you add to your coffee, such as vanilla ice cream, fruits, pepper, and milk chocolate. All you need is to figure out how you best want your coffee. 


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