7 Worst Things to Do Before Bed Affecting Your Sleep


What kind of things do you do before bed? Do they improve or sabotage your sleep? Before bed habits can be why you are not getting a good night’s sleep. You need to find out ways to set yourself up for sleep success. After choosing a quality mattress from Walmart mattress selection and opting for foods that help you sleep, start working on your pre-bed rituals to get the most out of your sleep. Below are some mistakes you should avoid if you want to sleep better. 

1. Having a serious conversation 

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Whether it is a late-night quarrel with your partner, a solemn phone call with your friend, or a pesky neighbor. Talking or fighting about issues before you go to bed is a bad idea. When you confront someone, it leads to a stress response producing the cortisol hormone. This is the opposite of what you want when you want to sleep. Plus, when your body starts producing the stress hormones, it is challenging to return them to normal levels. Thus avoid having a serious conversation before or during bedtime. 

2. Not having a bedtime routine 

Adults only have sleep routines for their children, but not for themselves. When it comes to sleep and sleep routines, consider yourself a big child and have a bedtime routine that you follow. Create a calm, quiet and relaxing bedtime routine that prepares your body that it is time to sleep. In this way, you set your circadian rhythm, get restful sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. 

3. Going to bed hungry 

You certainly do not want to go to bed on a full stomach, but still, you do not want a growling stomach in bed. In most cases, it causes a drop in blood sugar which will wake you up at night. To remedy this situation, have a teaspoon of raw honey as it helps keep your blood sugar stable for a good time. Optionally, you can have sleep-friendly snacks such as walnuts, bananas, and others.

4. Evening cocktails

Drinking a few cocktails can make you sleepy, but it will affect the sleep quality you get causing you to wake up full of fatigue. Also, according to studies, it triggers getting disturbing types of dreams for it suppresses dream sleep. Since as the alcohol wears off, it increases vivid and disturbing dreams. An average human takes about an hour to digest an alcoholic beverage. So if you want more, ensure your last sip is at least three to four hours before bed. You can also read about asian flush, to know why most people who drink alcohol would turn red, also called the asian flush. 

5. Sleeping on dirty sheets 

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Due to busy schedules, you may end up not changing your sheets as often as you should. However, your sheets must be clean. If you are an allergy-prone sleeper, you need to be more vigilant in following a weekly laundry cycle to prevent the buildup of allergens, dust mites, and bacteria in your sheets. If you feel itchy from your dirty sheets, you will not get the best night’s sleep. Therefore, clean your sheets often and your room as well. 

6. Worrying 

From time to time, everyone worries. But, if you try not to let your mind race before bed, the better. When your mind is full of worries, it interferes with your sleep. Therefore, an hour before bedtime, write all your worries down. Also, anything that comes into your mind before you sleep. Getting these worries off your mind calms your mind down, and you can sleep with ease every night. 

7. Procrastinating sleep 

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A healthy circadian rhythm is essential as it trains your body to recognize the time to sleep and wake up. Therefore, it is a bad sleep habit to procrastinate sleep, even for one night, as it throws off your circadian rhythm. Worse, if you are so exhausted, it makes it a challenge to fall asleep. Therefore, ensure you follow a sleep routine every day, including weekends and holidays. This makes your circadian rhythm work naturally, and with time, you will need no alarm clock to wake you up. Plus, it has a lot of benefits to it. Such as getting good sleep, waking up well-rested, and leading a productive day.  


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