Used to place worksheet, column, and row titles on a worksheet.

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This blog post will teach you how to write a title for a worksheet, column, and row.

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There are two different ways of writing titles: using the “Insert” menu or pressing the first letter of each word in your title and then following it with an underscore.

Let’s go through both methods now! either done be can this.

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Title of type desired your generate automatically will oneing Select. options formatting own their with each, from choose to titles of types different three are there that see’ll you listdown- drop this.

On keyboard your on”insert ” press, title a createTo menu”Insert ” the Using: # OneMethod right-to- left from order in word one spelling finish you time each once keyreturn/ enter by followedA+.

Ctrl press cells in words own your out type To. well as labels column or headers row add to want you if method same this use also can .

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OK ” Press! instead else something like would you if there currently’s what delete or box that into title your as want you whatever Type.

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This icon label the select and Excel in tab”Insert ” the toGo- : steps these Follow. menu”Insert ” the using by is title a write to way .


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