What are predefined actions that the project team will take if an identified risk event occurs?

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What if __ happens? That is the question that every project manager asks themselves.

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Identifying what will happen in case of risk events can make a huge difference on how projects are managed, and it’s not as hard as you may think.

In this article, we’ll identify an example risk event, what could happen if it were to occur, and how the team would respond.

This article will guide you through identifying your own risks and prepare for them accordingly so that they don’t come back to bite you!

What are predictions that the project team will take if an identified risk event occurs ?

In case of this particular risk event, another member on the team should step up and help out with whichever task needs doing most urgently.

This emsures that there wont be any delays because person isn’t available.

Lets say we have two resources on which we are dependent -Jane and Joe.

We have assinged both of them probablity ratings as follows : Joe has 70 % chance of completing his task successfully while Jane has 50 %.

It may not seem like much difference but there is about double example Risk Event : “The project manager is unable to complete their work “

What would happen if it were to occur? Its very likely that the team wouldhave a difficult time in completing task atleast without some of them.

The Best way to prevent this Risk event from happening in future is to ensuring all they can do is their assinged do priotizing appropriate so not to over extend themeslves.

If this risk event were to happen, the team would take prediction fined in response.

The First thing you want will to do when identifying risks for your project is figure out what each possible outcome could be and assign it a probability rating.

what are all the different ways that something bad could happen? How likely does each one seem? Let Identify’s our own examples