batman vs superman time travel

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This movie series is the only thing I have ever seen that has time-travel effects. In the movie, we see that the hero and his nemesis meet in the present and battle it out in the future to see as to who was more badass. I am not convinced that this is a good idea, but I think the concept itself is good.

The problem is that the hero and the villain are both in the future and a time-travel effect would mean that the hero got back to the past. Batwoman being shot at the hand and Superman being shot at the groin doesn’t make for a very believable time-travel plot.

This is why the DC movie universe is so successful. It gives us a time-travel story that actually makes sense. Batman and Superman are in their own time-travel episodes, and that is all that matters. The comic book universe, on the other hand, is about the time-space continuum and all that jazz, and it’s not nearly as realistic.

In the DC universe, time travel occurs when the hero/villain is transported to the past/future. This is because the DC universe has a very strong sense of reality, one that is not based on time, space, or matter. And this is why Batman and Superman are so important to the DC universe. They are an embodiment of the DC universe’s sense of reality.

I think the best way to think about Batman and Superman is that they are both metaphors for the idea of time-space continuum. The character of Superman is based on a concept of continuity. Batman is based on time. Superman is based on time-space continuum. Time-space continuum is based on reality. Batman is based on reality. Superman is based on reality. Batman is based on reality. Superman is based on reality. Batman is based on reality.

What I mean is that Batman and Superman are examples of time and space being based on reality. But in reality, Batman and Superman are based on reality. They also both have a lot of their own powers that are based on reality. Batman is an unstoppable killing machine but Superman is a super soldier who can fly and shoot lasers. So the reality of the time-space continuum is based on reality.

Which makes me wonder why Batman and Superman aren’t the heroes in the comics. I mean, we should be able to fly around and shoot lasers through walls for all we know. What makes Batman and Superman not heroes is that they’re both super soldiers who can fly and shoot lasers. So the reality of the time-space continuum is based on reality.

The reality of the time-space continuum is based on reality. Because the universe does not respect the laws of reality. One of those “laws” is that everything has an equal chance of existing. If you have a time-space continuum, then you must have equal, if not greater, probability of existing as every other piece of real life. Because reality exists in a time-space continuum, we have an equal chance of being born and dying and existing everywhere at any time.

Batman is a part of reality. He is not a part of time. He is not in a time-space continuum. He is the only person so far, so far beyond our reach, that is not in some kind of time-space continuum. The only way we can describe Batman is that he is a character from a reality-based comic book. Because there is no time-space continuum. There is no time. There is no universe.

The difference between Batman and Superman is that there is a real world out there that is not ours. It is not a part of our universe. Batman is one of the most popular superheroes. Every other character has to live in their own universe. Superman is the only one who lives in a universe that is not ours.

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