Buying Marijuana Online: What Are Your Options?


In 2001, Canada permitted the medical use of cannabis. And on October 17, 2018, the Canadian government passed the Cannabis Act. This federal law has made the cultivation, possession, sale, and use of medical and recreational marijuana available for people who are 18 years and older. 

In addition, the legislation on marijuana became less restrictive. As a result, patients registered with Health Cannabis Canada can grow and produce their cannabis plants. Licensed holders can grow two (2) to six (6) cannabis plants per household. 

Those who live in Manitoba, Nunavut and Northwest Territories are allowed to have six (6) plants at home. However, some areas only allow two (2), such as in Alberta and Quebec. Other localities permit households to have four (4) cannabis plants.

Recently, MOMs (Mail Order Marijuana) have dominated the marijuana market. Access to a mail order cannabis store is made more convenient due to technology. These online dispensaries offer various cannabis-related products such as flowers or buds, vapes, THCs, edibles and accessories.  

In theory, to buy cannabis online, you must do so legally by going through provincially authorized sellers only. However, there’s a grey market wherein online dispensaries are allowed to operate. The government allows the operation of these online dispensaries because they are still better than those offering cannabis products in the black market.

Currently, online dispensaries’ variety, price, and quantity of cannabis-related products are more than what provincially authorized sellers provide.

What Kinds of Marijuana Products Can You Buy Online?

There’s a lot of marijuana products you can buy when you check online. In addition, there are plenty of cannabis strains available with various grades. So if you have no idea what to buy, you can check out this list to guide you.

Three main strains are currently in the market, Indica, Sativa and Hybrid strains, which will you a combination of both Indica and Sativa strains. Let’s dive deeper into the details of each strain below:


Indica is a type of marijuana plant that has a shorter height and is bushier. Furthermore, the plant’s yield is usually heavier, which means it can produce more quantity compared to Sativa strains.

Indica strains are recommended for those who are looking for body-focused effects. They are fantastic for relieving pain and inflammation. They also provide a relaxing high, which will put you in a calm and euphoric state. 

It helps to ease your stress and worries. Thus they work great if you have insomnia. However, Indica strains may cause you to have a lazy or lethargic aftereffect, so it works best at night before going to bed.  


In contrast, Sativa plants have a longer height and are less bushy. Sativa is a type of marijuana plant that has an average height and thin leaves. It also produces lighter yields or fewer pieces of flowers when it blooms. So, if you grow this strain indoors, you need a tall growing room to make sure its full potentials are reached.

Sativa strains are recommended for those who are looking for a stimulating high. So if you need more energy and want to focus on a specific task, Sativa strains will lift your mood and heighten your senses. 

According to research, Sativa strains are capable of boosting your mental focus and creativity. This strain is also used to address mental issues such as stress, anxiety, and depression. It’s also known to counteract fatigue. 


Hybrid strains are a blend of both the Indica and Sativa strains. This kind of strain has the same beneficial effects as Indica and Sativa strains. However, hybrid strains are best for those who want to experience a more intense, yet balanced high.

Hybrid strains are equally beneficial especially when the effects of Indica and Sativa strains are combined. It can give you the energy of Sativa strains, while it can also relax your body like Indica. Therefore, it gives you the best of both worlds. However, some combinations lean more towards Indica and some towards Sativa. This kind of strain gives you a well-balanced high. 

This strain is excellent for medical and therapeutic use because it helps tackle a variety of physical and mental symptoms. However, seasoned users should limit themselves in taking hybrid strains because its effects are powerful compared to other types of cannabis. Due to this combination effect, consumers may experience a heavy high that will inhibit their daily activities.

What Kinds of Marijuana-Infused Products Can You Buy Online?

Aside from various strains of weed, you can also find marijuana-infused products online. Here’s a list of other marijuana products you can try and enjoy:


Concentrates are also called Dabs, Shatter, Wax, Budder or Sugar. They are essential oils that come from the extraction of cannabis plants. Concentrates usually have higher THC content compared to other marijuana products.

Concentrates can be smoked using a dab rig or vape pen. It’s considered as one of the strongest forms of weed. If you want a quick and stronger high, then concentrates are for you!


Marijuana edibles refer to food products that have been infused with cannabinoids such as THC and CBDs. This product has many varieties such as cookies, candies, brownies, drinks, tea bags and even sugar cubes.

Cook These are products made by extracting the most potent parts of the cannabis plant. Therefore, these products have a higher level of THC than weed. Concentrates can come in many sorts, such as shatter, budder, hash and distillates. 

These are marijuana-infused food products, and they are sold online in the form of baked goodies, gummies, chocolates and sometimes even drinks. Nonetheless, these edibles will require a little bit of patience. It would be best to wait for a few hours to feel the effects because the edibles need to be digested first. 

The effects of edibles will often last between four (4) to twelve (12) hours. 

Vapes and E-Juices

Vaping marijuana is becoming popular nowadays. Vapes and vape pens are usually compatible with weed and concentrate, but there’s also an option to buy THC E-Juices available in the market. THC E-Juices come in a variety of flavours.

So if you have a favourite flavour, most likely, it will be available as a THC E-Juice flavour when you search online.


Nowadays, buying weed online is the best way to get your medical and recreational needs. When you purchase online, you can find a broader range of marijuana and marijuana-infused products.

In addition, you can get a lot of marijuana strains, concentrates, edibles, vapes and more delivered to your address. 


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