Contemporary Kitchens that May Look Updated All the Time

Contemporary Kitchens

People who prefer minimalism and sleek designs usually find themselves in love with contemporary decors. They want their kitchen also in a specific style to meet their needs. For them, easy maintenance and a clutter-free look can be the priority. They may prefer to keep their appliances hidden to maintain seamlessness on the outside. However, this entire setup doesn’t have to be devoid of style or storage. From cabinets to unique lighting, they would like everything that makes their kitchen stand out from others. Do you also belong to the same school of thinking? In that case, you can have an interest in knowing how to carve such décor. Here are some suggestions to help you with this.

A white kitchen with a yellow banquette

Imagine your kitchen in an all-white theme with luxurious marble countertops, organic lighting materials overhead, etc. The long kitchen island in white marble with light brown veins can have an additional sink and faucet on one side. On the other side, you can place acrylic chairs for serving dinner. The other far end of the kitchen can incorporate a yellow banquette and a rectangular table to add an extra dining nook. The main kitchen sink can have a contemporary faucet in brushed gold color from across this seating space. You can already feel the charm of this entire setup in your mind. Isn’t it?

A kitchen for a family of six

Many people have to downsize their homes for various reasons. But it doesn’t mean you should spend your time regretting this instead of focusing on the possibilities. Suppose you live in a coastal home with your husband and four children. You would want your kitchen and dining room to be open and airy. For this, installing large windows can be an easy trick. It can give your room an illusion of spaciousness too. The kitchen island in the center can be long, with seating chairs on the other side across the main countertop with the stove. On this countertop, all of you can prep your meals together and eat them too.

If you keep your kitchen white with wood beams on the ceilings with slightly sloping designs on either corner, you break the monotony of whiteness through accents. Use blue or any suitable colored chair, add a small vase of vibrant red flowers on the countertop, put a large wall art of different colors on an empty wall, etc.

A wooden spell 

Do you want to add warmth to this space? Consider using wood floors. The organic feel of the material can match the contemporary aura easily. If it is a spacious place, you can install a long island with a marble countertop. Chairs can have metal legs and transparent backs. You can opt for pendant lights for this area. The backdrop of a marble backsplash can reflect a luxurious vibe. On one corner, you can have blue cabinets to pop a new color in the theme. 

A formal soul

Contemporary themes can tap into any mood when done correctly. For example, you may like to host guests frequently. Hence, your expectation from the kitchen design can be such. You would want to keep everything crisp, aligned, and neat. At the same time, everything should have a high-end feel. Designers usually recommend using restrained material options for such requirements, varying from painted wood to quartz and walnut. Amidst many of these types of surroundings, the infusion of quartz countertops and a Neolith backsplash can work wonders. The overhanging spherical lights with discs mimicking the wood color can add another layer of visual interest. Upper cabinets can be white, and the down ones black. The choice of color can vary based on the overall color coding, though.

A simple open plan

Whether you equip the kitchen floor with dark vinyl or tile, you can make your contemporary kitchen take advantage of its open plan in several ways. On this flooring, brass barstools can stand handsome and elegant. The white island countertop will also blend with this look. And the light wood cabinets in the back can tie the whole design together for a cohesive feel.

A dramatic element

The kitchen island with sink can be the hero of the kitchen. You can cherish it for providing extra space for meal preparation. However, you may not find it exciting when you hear that island and neighboring cabinets have dark wood materials. Well, if you add a blue backsplash against the stainless steel range, the whole setting can instantly make more sense.

A U-shaped charm

It doesn’t need to mention that U-shaped kitchen layouts are famous for their sprawling counter space. At the same time, they add a final touch to any ambiance. If the countertops are white, you can use a hexagonal flooring design to restrict them. The addition of barstools can be like a casual twist. 

A pop of color

Some kitchens require mood-lifting traits. And when it comes to this, nothing can be better than leveraging the colors. According to research, the orange color can stimulate positivity and optimism. Even if you add this color through the cabinet, the total effect can be excellent. You can head to your kitchen every morning for your meal and feel cheery by just looking at this pop of color. You can try this even with gray and white kitchen décor.

A high-low impact

Many homeowners select laminate for its affordable price. You can combine it with high-end stainless steel appliances and glossy flooring to give your room a colorful appearance through essential elements. You can opt for stainless steel stools, green cabinets, and other such components.

Designing and decorating a kitchen doesn’t have to be laborious work. You only need to have clarity about your budget and expectations. Once you know your priorities, you can implement all the desired changes hassle-free. And if you struggle to decide on anything, you can discuss your goals with the contractor. They can help you figure out the best option. Since renovation and remodeling projects tend to be expensive, you have to be careful with your decisions.