Do Schools Monitor The Internet And Social Media Activity?

Schools Monitor

Social media has made its way to the phone of every kid. Every child these days is an active user of various social media platforms. As much as social media helps people stay connected and informed.  This is where the big question arises-should schools monitor students on social media? There are surely definite reasons to support the notion as to why schools should monitor social media activity. Let us not forget that one of the biggest concerns we are facing these days, with the growing use of the internet is cyber security. No longer can we ignore the risk of being at the stake of data breaching or our personal information being misused. It starts with choosing a reliable and secure internet connection from a trusted provider like Mediacom for instance, that offers better online security to protect your data. 

But there is more that can be done in this regard. When it comes to kids, they are more susceptible to fall a victim to hacking or cybercrimes. So what must be done to protect them against any such damage online? One clear measure that can be made is monitoring their online and social media activity in schools. Many schools are already implementing it to identify and take action against any potential threats online. Kids are not capable of tackling such problems. This is why it was realized that there is a need for schools to intervene and keep a check for keeping students safe online. Here is why monitoring of social media activity by schools is a good idea to steer kids safe from any online threats.

How Does Social listening Work?

Social media monitoring does not mean that you start hacking accounts of kids and accessing their private messages. Rather it operates by tracking the problematic keywords or phrases. Certain tools can help you in identifying these keywords whenever they are used online like guns, bullets, etc. Any such keywords usage will send a notification to the school security teams and diffuse any dangerous situation. 

How can Online Dangers be Prevented in Schools?

There is no denying the fact that the youth today is obsessed with social media. Let’s admit it, we have dragged the students online ourselves during the global pandemic as it was the need of the hour. Social media monitoring in schools can help keep students safe from cyberbullying or any act of violence. Not just that, nowadays we see more and more students committing suicide as a result of depression from cyberbullying. Thus suicide is also a potential threat. 

Does it affect the Right of Speech?

Monitoring social media is more about paying attention to certain keywords online. For schools who keep a check on the keywords that could trigger any dangerous situations or cause trauma leading to depression roe ven suicide in worse cases. 

Generally speaking, the monitoring of social media is concerned more about the safety of students rather than intruding on their privacy. Considering the tragedies that have taken place in the past as a result of cyberstalking or cyberbullying are certain matters that require more caution and urgency and are far more critical than the issue of intrusion of the right of speech.  

More Awareness to Kids being a Digital Citizen

The kids today who have opened their eyes in the modern world and are part of the digital era, need to be taught more about online threats. They should be schooled about the preventive measures that must be taken to steer safe from any online cybercrimes. The more the children know about cybercrimes and cyber security measures, the more they can stay protected from them by adopting safe browsing and cautious social media activities. Thus creating more awareness should also be a part of the school’s social media monitoring programs. After all early detection and prevention can avoid bigger damages. 

Final Words

Social media should be taken seriously and monitoring it by schools is a good attempt to protect kids against the bigger damages. Cyberbullying, hacking, and other cybercrimes are a reality and quite common these days. As the aforementioned discussion concludes, schools monitoring the social media activities of students is a good step. Whats matters more here is how schools should monitor students’ social media to make it more effective without intruding on their privacy.