fast travel in dying light


Fast Travel in Dying Light is a science fiction drama that explores the question of time travel. In the story, Leo Montoya, a carefree firefighter, walks into the wreckage of a doomed mining town and finds an uneasy pair of hand-me-downs waiting for him inside. They are, of course, Jinx and allure. When Leo discovers that they are having mechanical problems with the city’s timer only allowing them to remain on time for a limited number of minutes at a time, he decides that it’s time to return the favor to their owner. Like most things in life, it isn’t quite what you’d expect from the title.

I think most Americans have heard of the movie, “Dying Light” but don’t realize that it is more than just a zombie movie. The movie was developed by Swedish company Lightbox and released in October 2014. It’s a science fiction horror-comedy that follows Kyle Hunsden (Xavi) who has to kill himself after getting stranded on an abandoned cruise ship. The only thing he has left are two real life friends and their wedding arrangements which he needed for the wedding but never thought he could find. The problem with this concept is no one else wants him to die so he sets out to find a cure for himself and his friend’s wedding in order to prevent him from being alone forever.

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