Happy birthday is an example of the text setting

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The happy birthday text setting is a great way to add some festive cheer to your text messages.

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It’s also perfect for sending out those “Happy Birthday” wishes on Facebook and Twitter.

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The send hit and name’s friend your in type Just.” BirthdayHappy ” for selection a find’ll you, settings text .

In  spaces by separated words those type would I!”, BirthdayHappy“ into!” birthdayhappy ” change automatically to functionorrectoc aut’s phone my wanted.

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It on numbers some with keyboard a is screen this of corner right bottom the In- .” ReplacementText ” select and Keyboard > General to Go- . app Settings your up open, setting text birthday happy the access To- : Settings Text in BirthdayHappy.

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It tap and style message Text to scroll Then. input and Language select then, menu settings’s device your within area Settings theVisit.


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