How can people have a good command of the chapter of decimals?

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 In the world of mathematics, numbers can be perfectly classified into different kinds of categories for example natural numbers, whole numbers, rational numbers and so on. One of the most important categories of numbers is the decimal numbers and being clear about this particular aspect is very much important for the kids. The decimals are considered to be the types of numbers that will be having one whole number as well as the fractional part that will be perfectly separated by the point of decimals. The point present between the whole number and fraction will be known as the decimal point and a perfect example of this particular case is the 47.5. In this particular case, 47 will be a whole number and .5 will be the fractional part in the whole process.

 There are different kinds of decimal numbers available in the world of mathematics and some of them are quite confusing. So, it is very much important for the people to be clear about the basic technical differences between all of them so that there is no problem at any point in time and everything has been very professionally undertaken without any kind of issue or query in the minds of kids. The place value system in the world of decimals can be perfectly used in terms of dividing the position of a digit into a number that will ultimately help in determining its entire value. Whenever people will be writing specific numbers the position of every digit will be very much important in the whole process because otherwise if not paid attention it can entirely change the sense of the whole thing.

 Following are the most important properties of the decimals about which every kid should have a good idea:

  • Whenever every two decimal numbers will be multiplied into any order the comprehensive product will remain the same.
  • Whenever the whole number and decimal number will be multiplied into any order the product will remain the same
  • Decimal number whenever will be multiplied by one the product will be decimal fraction itself
  • Whenever the decimal fraction will be multiplied by zero product will be zero
  • Whenever the decimal number will be divided by one the quotient will be a decimal number
  • Whenever the decimal number will be divided by the same number the question will be one
  • If zeros are divided by any kind of decimal number the quotient will be zero in the whole process
  • If the division of a decimal number by zero is not possible then the reciprocal of zero will not ever exist because of the rules associated with basic mathematics.

 Hence, being clear about all the above-mentioned points and several kinds of arithmetic operations on decimals is very much important. Apart from this people also need to be clear about the conversion of decimal to binary and vice versa so that there is no problem at any point in time. The kids need to depend on platforms like Cuemath so that they have a good command over the chapters like decimals very easily.