How Can You Earn Money Playing PVP Games?

Playing PVP Games

Everybody loves to play video games as they are engaging. Some people play them as a hobby, and others make money. Parents do not need to worry about their children as they are much into video games. They are many ways to earn money through video games. Many people earn passive income by playing games. Also, others are doing gaming to pay for their living. The gaming industry is a billion-dollar industry and growing from time to time. Through the years, many gamers do live streaming of their gameplay and get a lot of money. They ask for donations and subscriptions and also earn through the ads. But this method also takes a lot of time to work. 

You have to put in a lot of hard work to make money through live streaming of games. Many gamers also host a gaming podcast on their YouTube channel. Then, others participate in gaming tournaments and get sponsorships. So, there is plenty of hard work and time you have to put in to earn money through these ways. If you want to make money fast by playing games, you can try blockchain games. Many people earn good money by investing their time in a PvP NFT game. Below, you can check more information: 

PvP Blockchain Games

Gamers can make money by playing player-to-player games. You can find video games based on the blockchain network. Blockchain is a system that uses cryptography to connect blocks of data sequentially. The gaming industry has already adopted blockchain technology. Now, gamers can turn their in-game items into digital assets like NFTs and trade them. PvP play-to-earn games also allow you to earn cryptocurrencies. Earlier, the gamers couldn’t sell their in-game items like weapons, characters, property, or wearables for money. Now, players can buy, sell or trade in-game items through blockchain games. These games also have native digital currencies that gamers can sell. 

So, gamers can create in-game assets and earn profits through them. Also, the ownership of these digital assets will stay safe. All the transactions of the in-game assets are present on the blockchain network. In-game items and rewards in blockchain games are unique and transferable. Blockchain PvP games also pay their players to invest their time and effort. You have to complete missions and quests to reach the top rank. You will get the best rewards for your performance. The value of gaming NFTs is increasing day by day. So, you can also turn your in-game items into NFTs and sell them. These play to earn crypto games also have native digital currencies that gamers can sell. 

Selecting The Right PvP Blockchain Game 

You have to select a PvP blockchain game after knowing how it works. There are plenty of play-to-earn games available on the internet. You have to consider some things before picking up a P2E game for you. Below, you can check all details about it: 

  1. The first you have to consider for finding the best PvP blockchain game is the prizes. You have to check how you will get the rewards through the PTE game. Many games provide both NFTs and cryptocurrency as rewards. Also, you will get these rewards for your performance in the game. So, check the rewards of a blockchain game before playing it. 
  2. Another thing to consider is how you can convert your in-game items into real-world earrings. It must be easy for the players to covert their in-game coins and items. Non-fungible tokens earned through these games take time to sell. So, you have to do some research about it before playing any P2E game. 
  3. Do not forget to check how much money you have to spend before playing a blockchain game. Many play-to-earn games require players to purchase a starter pack with cryptocurrency. Also, other P2E games need you to spend money to get premium features. So, consider the entry cost and premium content before playing a play-to-earn game. 

Best PvP Blockchain Games

We have come up with a list of the best blockchain games through which players can make money, keep reading:

  1. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a well-known PvP NFT game that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Players have to collect, raise, and battle creatures called Axies. People buy and sell the Axies as NFTs. You will also get AXS and SLP tokens by completing missions. Players can exchange SLP tokens for Ethereum tokens on crypto exchanges. 

  1. SolChicks

SolChicks is a play-to-earn PvP game based on the Solana blockchain. In this game, you have to find, raise, and breed warrior Chickens named SolChicks. Players get the NFTs of the SolChicks that they can trade on marketplaces. Also, there is an in-game token $CHICKS that players get as rewards. You will also get more things for completing missions and raids.  

  1. Illuvium

Illuvium is a battle game based on blockchain technology. It runs on Immutable X, so you have to worry about the gas fee. It is a game in which players battle and win missions and quests. Players get the rewards like LIV tokens and collectibles named Illuvials. You can buy or sell Illuvials as NFTs. 

  1. Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a free P2E card game based on the Ethereum blockchain. You have to create decks of cards and defeat your opponents. There are cards that you can buy and sell on the marketplaces. Gods Unchained also gives cards in the form of NFTs. Also, Gods Unchained has a native token named GODS. 

  1.  ZED RUN

ZED RUN is a digital horse racing game that uses blockchain technology. You have to create a star-studded stable of winning racehorses in this game. There are non-fungible tokens that represent each horse. You can trade these NFTs on the marketplace and make good money. Also, you will get other rewards after you win races in this game.


So, gamers can make a good amount of money by playing play-to-earn PvP games. Players can turn their in-game digital assets into NFTs and earn other cryptocurrencies through blockchain games. Also, players will enjoy the gameplay of the PTE games.