Know about the Best places to shop in Singapore


Singapore is a wonderful place for a shopper and there are so many places to go, with more stores opening up every day. There are many reasons why this city is so popular and appealing to shopaholics. If you’re looking for a variety of stores, then the answer would be yes! In addition to the numerous malls, there are also a few specialty areas that offer quality items in specialized niche markets. The best places to shop in Singapore includes;

1. Raffles Place

Raffles Place is a shopping destination in Singapore. It is easily reachable by MRT. This place is filled with more than 270 stores and its location would fit into your budget since parking is available everywhere. This place offers the best value for your money, you can go to any store that you want and buy that product at a very cheap price. Raffles Place will be the number one spot which will add over 20 new shops this year. The opening of the store in Chinatown means there’s now more choice of international food and brands in line with the growing business community there.

2. Orchard Road

This shopping space is one of the most famous places in Singapore. It is located near the famous Orchard Road, it is a great place to shop. If you are looking for the best brands and quality items in the market, then this place will be your choice. With more than 4000 stores and a wide range of services, it’s easy to find what you want or what you need. It has everything else that you might need. In addition to its shopping malls, there are also a few specialty areas that offer quality items in specialized niche markets.

3. City Square Shopping Centre

City Square Shopping Centre is located in Plaza Singapura and it’s also a great place to shop. It is a multi-store shopping mall so you can meet up with your friends while you’re shopping. You can also buy different kinds of products here, such as electronics, clothing, jewelry, and more. If you want the best value for your money, City Square Shopping Centre will be your best choice because there are more than 270 stores here.

4. NEX

This place used to be a factory that is now renovated as a shopping mall in Singapore. It is located on Orchard Road and it’s very spacious because there are many retail stores here. If you’re looking for a new and trendy store, then NEX can be the right place for you to shop at. The store provides high-value and quality products. There are also some stores that offer you selling your used products.

5. Bugis Junction

If you want to shop for clothes and apparel, then Bugis Junction will be the right place for you. This shopping mall has more than 270 stores where you can find your favorite brand of clothing. In addition, there are also many dining options available here such as Subway, McDonald’s, and many more. Some of the restaurants have a very affordable price so it will never be hard for you to have a meal while shopping.

6. Plaza Singapura

Plaza Singapura is one of Singapore’s most famous shopping malls and is located at Orchard Road, this mall is one of the largest malls in Singapore that offers a wide selection of products at affordable prices. This place offers many services such as food and beverage, beauty salon, lifestyle centers, retail therapy, and more. You can choose what you want to buy here because there are over 2000 shops here. It’s a 24-hour shopping mall so finding an item will never be hard or a problem for you.