Make a smart choice by wearing the hat that suits your face cut and hair length

hat, woman, wearing @ Pixabay

What are the fashion features you must check before buying a hat? Head accessories are a popular choice for women with exclusive fashion tastes. Whether it is a different Fedora hat or casual straw bonnet – women’s wardrobes must have particular space for a fashion accessory. Hats are not just for covering from sunlight and harsh weather; it is more of style statement. 

Womens hat styles are revolutionizing for centuries now. Traditional caps were more functional and served for climate protection. However, over the years, female headgears have evolved into personality preferences. It defines who you are and what you like and unfolds other facets of your persona. Here are some of the famous women headgears.

Top female hat styles

  • Kettle brim hat: Your outdoor activities can turn fun and stylish with kettle brim hats. If you are looking for a simple head accessory for gardening or just a day out, then these wide-brimmed caps are a perfect choice. The broad brim keeps the sun out and provides ample shade. These are typically available in straw and are very lightweight. Your search for comfort and versatile hats ends when you adorn a kettle brim headcover. These are popular in different styles, colors, and designs. 
  • Cloche hat: For an absolute feminine look – check out the cloche hat. A headcover that is delicate with a bell shape and gives full crown cover is this bell-shaped hat. Cloche is the French word for bell. You can find these girlie caps in soft fabric, wool, felt, and natural grass. Hats are adorable women’s accessories, and these short brim caps look flattering on women of any facial shape and hair length. You can order personalized cloche hats with thick ribbons surrounding the crown or with somber accessories tucked in. These add perfect feminine silhouette to any attire and suit any event.
  • Cartwheel hat: Adorn the bold and beautiful head accessory popular for many fashion events – cartwheel hat. Women with strong fashion choices would love to style this wide brim, low crown, delicate hat for formal evenings or casual afternoons. The name cartwheel is because of the saucer shape of this cap design. You can wear these perfect fit hats in a slight titled angle to leave that fab appearance on an English affair. These are commonly available in natural grass or felt.
  • Bonnet hat: The classic bonnet hats go back to the seventeenth century. It is no more a conventional choice of many women. However, if you want to wear modest attire with accessories for specific events, bonnets are perfect. These cute feminine headgears have round crowns with very large brims at the front. The side sections drop near the ears and add comfortable covering from windy evenings. If you have long hair or like to style ponytails, then these are attractive options. You also get string or ribbon to fasten under the jaw that completes the look.
  • Pillbox hat: The amalgamation of classic and vintage is the pillbox hat. These come in perfect cut and circular shape caps for women who want to style their short hair and still wear a fashion-defining head accessory. It became popular in the 1960s and is known for its unique shape. The shape is a flat crown with no brim. You must wear it slightly angular and doesn’t sit exactly on the top crown but slightly downwards. You can either wear a plain pillbox hat or blend in a mini-veil, ribbon, feathers, or brooches to add a personal touch.    

Style and wearability sense

Wearing hats and caps is not casual anymore. People are cautious in making shopping and fashion choices. Hats are one of the most exquisite accessories that require fashion sense; you should not wear any cap with any attire for any event. The shape of the hat and your facial structure play a vital role in making a choice. If you have a smaller and elongated face cut, then opt for wide-brimmed classic hats. But if you have a rounded face with a chubby cute silhouette, then prefer a smaller brim and more extended hats. Always check the size of your crown by using a measuring tape before ordering any cap or hat. Your head accessory should sit well on the head and not be too tight or too floppy. 

Even the hair length and color are essential considerations for choosing the right hat style. Longer-length hair must prefer wider brim and rounded crown caps. On the contrary, short and medium-length hair females must choose flat crowns and smaller brim headgears. This way, you can accentuate your face and look prettier. Remember that accessories should add fashion value to your entire outfit and not dress down it. Whether you dress casually, traditionally, formally, or to create a sensation – hats and caps play a significant role, so make a brilliant selection.