men sock shoes


Men’s socks are a great thing. They’re an easy way to add a touch of fashion to your closet and they also do the job of keeping your feet dry when you’re on the go.

So, why men’s socks? Because theyre cheap, theyre fashionable, and they make your feet look awesome. With socks, you dont have to wear shoes.

And yet, despite their popularity, men are often unaware of this. A recent study by the Gartner Group found that only 14 percent of men had an understanding of the fashion industry.

The reason being? A whopping 55 percent said they had no idea what a mens sock was. It is a simple piece of fabric, which has small holes drilled through it. The holes are small enough that you dont need to wear anything on your feet. Of course, the holes dont go through where you wear socks so it doesnt matter. And men, as a whole, arent nearly as aware of this as women are.

You see, men are the ones who make our sock holes. The rest of us just buy them off-brand. But that doesnt make them any less awesome.

In this video, we hear a woman saying, “I had no idea what a mens sock was.” The next time youre in a store and you spot a pair of men’s socks on highthe market, just look it up and make one up, too.

But sock-lovers, like men, are not as aware of their shape as women are. They just get them from the store. They dont even know what they are or what they do. And that’s just the beginning. The rest of this video shows us what the rest of the mens socks are like as well.

It’s time to start making socks again. Make them any less awesome.

Socks are the most popular of all footwear brands, not just men. They are the only fashion accessory that is so ubiquitous. They are the only things that are so common that you can wear them to work, shop for groceries, and even swim. They are also the most utilitarian footwear, so they need to be comfortable.

That’s why men should wear socks. They go with any outfit. They are as versatile and versatile as any other shoe. They don’t just look great, they are much more practical and versatile than any other shoe out there. They also have the added benefit of looking great.


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