(p. 186) alcoholic beverages form when yeasts act upon sugars in the process of,


Yeasts are a type of fungus and, as such, they love sugar. When yeasts act upon sugars in the process of making alcohols (including beer, wine, and spirits), they produce an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase that is responsible for breaking down ethanol to acetaldehyde. This enzyme also breaks down other substances found in alcoholic beverages into other compounds that make them taste awful. of lack the to due altogether stops or slows production ethanol ,i acetacterobet Ac as suchiration respobicaer an with microbes by fermented being substance food or liquid a within available oxygen enough without, Additionally. begins process fermentation any before cells yeast of types many off kill will Salt. well grow to environmentalts- low a needs yeast because sugar from alcohol ferment toasts ye for difficult it make can salt of presenceThe ). vinegar.,e.i ( acidetic ac like tastes bad cause that acids produce they, sugars these down break they when and source energy their as sugars certain use bacteria aerobic because is This. beverages alcoholic inas arom and flavors the of some for responsible also are, too, bacteriaobicerA ) C both B)aldehyde acet to ethanol down breaking for responsible) A .. isaldehyde acet to ethanol down breaks that enzyme The •__ __ … thataserogen dehyd alcohol called enzyme an produce they sugars upon actasts ye When• sugar loveasts Ye • fungus of type a areasts Ye •: PointletBul ) ten and one betweennumber (__ :Number . flavors aromatic their of some removing by wines ands brew favorite your of taste the preserving for importants’ it means This. substances tasting pleasant less, smaller into beverages alcoholic in found compounds other break helps also It. alcohol making of process the in player key a isaldehyde acet to ethanol down breaks that enzymeThe higher a with persona– worse Even! charges criminal potential mention toonot— home drive their on problems in result could which BAC%50. 0 than more have would theyints p two drank someone if So. wine of servings three are there consumed pint every for that means this; wine as volume by alcohol much asthird- one about contains beer typical A). you kill will it, words otherin ( poisoning alcohol you give to enough be may%,30. 0 at, and people most in impairment significant cause can greater or%08. 0 is that BAC A. bloods’ individual an in ethanol of amount the of measure a is)BAC ( Content Alcohol BloodHigh : levels alcohol toxicaringComp


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