This Week’s Top Stories About parking garage in harlem


You know how people say the best way to get into a parking garage is to go in with a full tank of gas? Well, this is exactly what we do. It’s a way to get in and out at the same time.

I was driving my car to work through the parking garage, and a very small guy walked up to my car and started talking to me. He was just standing there in the parking garage, and I was actually considering just letting him get into my car and drive away, but I decided not to.

The man was talking to me about me and my car and his garage. It was a nice conversation, and we were talking about the car and all the things I’d made it out to be in the movie. I thought it was super cool. I was amazed that someone so young had such an insight into the power of cars.

This was the same man who told me that he’d like to be a “real” car guy. He also said that he liked to talk to people about cars, and I really like that about him.

You may have seen the trailer for the upcoming video game called Parking Garage: The Movie. The film takes place on a parking garage in New York City that has been converted into a video game world. The game is not that far off from the movie too. The game’s story begins with a young man named James, who was raised by a rich family that has a lot of money. James is a car guy and is living in a garage which is actually a park.

This parking garage is a good place for a movie or some sort of video game world to be set. It’s large enough to make a lot of interesting scenes, which is a great thing for a movie or video game. It also gives the parking garage a lot of personality. It’s a garage that’s just a garage, which works well when you’re playing a video game with people your age.

I think the garage itself is the best part. It gives the garage a feeling of being in a world much more real than the world of a video game. It also sets the garage apart from the rest of the garage. The garage is the only thing that keeps the party going. The garage is also a great place for a movie or video game to be set because it gives it a whole new atmosphere, which is what I really like about James. He’s not the party guy.

James is actually the party guy. He is kind of the party guy. He is a guy who likes to party and drink and dance and get weird. He has fun with that. But he is also the party guy because he has a lot of friends and, well, he just has a lot of friends and they like him.

So, the party guy, the party guy, the party guy. Just like in the old movies. James is the party guy, the party guy, the party guy.

Parking Garage isn’t just a party. It is a place where James can get weird. In fact, it’s the best party he’s ever been to. I think it was in some game or another. It’s the place where James has had the best time. In fact, James has had a few parties in parking garages. Parking garages are one of the best places to have a party because you can have a really fun time.


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