Six Tips from Experienced Nurses on Improving Performance


Nurses have always been the backbone of the healthcare sector. With a commendable role spanning the entire healthcare sector, nurses need to do more to stand out.

With the emergence of remarkable evolutions in the medical field and new challenges in the healthcare system, nurses must perform at their best, regardless of the situation.

They aren’t just caretakers anymore. In fact, their duty towards the patients and the hospital itself has increased after the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Hospitals now demand greater dedication and performance from nurses. As healthcare systems have been on the verge of a collapse due to a shortage of staff and various other resources, there is a huge demand for experienced nurses. 

But constant pressure to perform at their best puts their health at risk as well, which often goes unnoticed. 

In this article, we’ll share tips on how to improve your performance as a nurse. Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Don’t limit yourself  

First things first, don’t limit yourself to a nursing school. Graduating as a nurse doesn’t mean you’ve excelled in the profession. 

Professional nurses believe there’s always room for growth and improvement; hence, they must continue adding additional education qualifications to their resume to explore new avenues in medicine. 

It is necessary to stay up to date and evolve as a nurse as medicine moves ahead. One of the best ways to keep yourself updated with the latest in medicine is by taking courses and enrolling in higher education degrees. 

There are several advanced courses, nursing seminars, and msn to np programs online for nurses to equip themselves with the knowledge and experience needed to advance their nursing careers. 

2. Communication is the key

Your profession isn’t just about tending to the needs of people. As a nurse, you have to communicate with patients with a smile and humble behavior. 

Your performance depends on how happy your patient is with you. Of course, they won’t put in a word for you, but their cooperation does make treatment easier for you.  

Remember, providing quality care to patients is one of the pillars of nursing, so treating them well will give you clarity and help in other aspects of your career as well. 

3. Follow good examples

Following a good example determines the success of your footsteps. Therefore, all nurses must follow their mentors and learn from them. 

Mentors can guide and motivate you during the hard times when you do not feel like coming to work. A good mentor will teach you to be honest with the profession, to help you embark on a journey towards success. 

Nurses who cannot find such people should start networking and attend seminars to meet like-minded people. 

The experience of these mentors will help avoid mistakes and make the right choices. 

4. Focus on your health

How could you expect improved performance with deteriorating health? Remember, the hospital won’t give a second thought before firing you if you aren’t working full time or reporting for leaves day in and out. 

You cannot take care of the ill if you are not well. Eat healthily, work out regularly, and most importantly, prioritize your mental health. 

5. Determine your Goal 

Uncertainty about your job could be the end of your career. Nurses without any goals have no idea what to do, which puts their performance and career at stake. 

Refrain from making such mistakes and be sure of how you’ll move ahead in your profession. Sometimes, you might even question if nursing is something that you want to do or not? 

Everything isn’t about money. You have to have your heart in it. So, start an exhausting day by looking at your goal to motivate yourself to do better. 

6. Ask questions

Many experienced nurses reckoned that hesitation and shyness killed their careers. Your questions won’t make you appear dumb; instead, the answers will help you excel in your job. 

Medicine leaves no room for mistakes. Whether you are a doctor or nurse, you possibly cannot afford blunders because people’s lives are at stake. 

Therefore, to avoid those terrible moments, ask questions from your seniors. They will help you look straight and be a source of knowledge that comes in handy in this profession. 

If you are still shy to ask questions, you can always find answers to queries by research and journal articles. 

Final Words! 

Every profession has its highs and lows. Being a nurse is not easy, and we understand that sometimes it gets overwhelming. 

One has to remain determined and focused on being resilient and devoted to the cause during the hard days. 

Your oath demands you to be honest, and then whatever success you wish in life will come. If you genuinely believe in karma, following the above tips will help you achieve your dreams. 

Just be patient and go with the flow without compromising on your duties.