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The guitar has a reputation for being the easiest instrument to learn. It is also the most versatile instrument, present in almost all the music genres ranging from classical to rock music. If you want to learn to play the guitar and decide to start now, the first thing to do is to choose how you will learn. 

Traditionally, guitar lessons are offered face-to-face, where the student and the guitar teacher stay together in a room while the teacher instructs the student. However, interested guitar students now also have an online singing course option to consider. 

Why Online Guitar Courses are Great

The CoVid-19 pandemic has encouraged many industries to reconsider and restructure how they deliver their services. Establishments have shifted from physically offering assistance to creating online service counterparts. Nowadays, you can find almost anything and everything you need online, including music lessons. 

Online guitar courses are delivered in essentially the same way as face-to-face classes – the teacher and the student build a foundation and work through the basics of playing the guitar together, following a series of lessons that go from simple to complex. They practice through songs together and apply what they have learned, 

Learning to play the guitar online and in person, both have their advantages, but in times such as these, learning to play the guitar online is the safer and more practical path to take. An online guitar course allows you to go through the course at your own pace, revisiting previous lessons if need be. You also have the choice to take a class when you feel like you will learn the most, without having to stick to a timeslot simply because it is the one available.

Choosing an online guitar course can also mean that you can learn from the guitar teacher of your choosing. You do not have to settle with lessons from a local guitar teacher simply because they are the most convenient choice. 

Out of all of these advantages, the greatest advantage an online guitar course can give you is the price. Online guitar courses are generally the more affordable option when compared to traditionally delivered lessons. 

How to Choose an Online Guitar Course

Now that you have decided to learn how to play the guitar online, the next thing to talk about is how to choose the online guitar course that best suits your needs. 

The first thing to consider is your current skill level. You have to ask yourself basic questions like, how well can you currently play? How familiar are you with the guitar? How much do you have to review? You have to answer these questions honestly. Being honest with your current skill level can help you navigate through the course options and choose one that will meet you in the middle. There is no shame in calling yourself a beginner – even the greatest guitarist all started out knowing nothing. 

Next, you also have to consider what skills and topics you wish to learn. Do you want to learn how to play classical music, or do you prefer contemporary acoustic music? Do you feel like you need to learn how to read and write music? How much music theory do you wish to cover? Where do you plan to play the guitar- is it in small concerts or in church? Clarifying your goals from the beginning will also guide you through narrowing down your course options while also helping you choose your teacher. Different guitarists have different styles – learning the style you relate to the most may help you learn faster and stay motivated. 

It is also important to consider your learning style and your schedule. You need to be honest about how you learn the best. Do you prefer receiving real-time suggestions from your teacher? Do you learn easier by practicing the chords while learning theory? Do you need to listen to a song first before seeing the music sheet? Communicate with your teacher of choice how you can maximize your time together.

Being able to set up a schedule that works best for you is also one factor to consider. You are already taking classes online for convenience – it makes better sense to take classes that fit your schedule. However, this does not mean that you only take classes whenever you like. Learning to play the guitar is like learning any skill in life – it needs time and dedication. 

There is a myriad of online courses for you to sort through. We outlined the basic things you should consider when going through your options. Always remember that what matters is choosing the course that works best for you and your goals. Advocate for yourself as much as possible, and you will be strumming out chords in no time.


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