team 7 time travel fanfiction


Team 7 is a time travel fanfiction written by me and illustrated by Alyssa, who is a time traveler herself. It is intended as a fanfiction series that will take you on a journey of time travel and hopefully encourage you to write your own.

The idea behind the stories is that you’ll get a glimpse into the lives of team 7 players who are all time travelers. All seven of them are members of the same team, and they all have one thing in common–they all seem to have powers similar to ours. These powers are all somewhat different, but they all have the same basic traits.

The first story is called Time Travel Story, and it’s a little rough around the edges to start with, but it does have a really cool climax. The last one is called Time Travel Story, and it’s also a little rough around the edges–but it has a very interesting final scene that is supposed to be the climax. These stories are meant to be told to younger children, and they’re definitely not for the faint of heart.

The stories are set in an alternate continuity where some of our characters live, and the games take place during the original continuity. The games seem to change a little bit each time around. The first time around, the games take place in a different world where our main character Colt Vahn is still alive, and the games take place during the original continuity.

How did we get here? The original characters live in different places each time, so they don’t have to die in the same place all the time. This is a little sad, but we can’t go through that. So, after we got to the game and the story, we got an idea about what our main characters are going to do at the time in Deathloop.

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