The Future of Getting Dressed is all About Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

It’s no secret that AI and machine learning is having a huge impact on every aspect of our lives and that includes fashion. So far our closets have been largely untouched by new innovations in tech but things are always changing fast when it comes to the latest cutting-edge technology. On the horizon are some major technological improvements that will forever change the way we dress and choose our fashion!

Getting Dressed with AI

Back in 1995, the cult-film “Clueless” depicted its protagonist Cher Horowitz using a futuristic computer system to choose her outfits. Finally now in 2021, it seems that technology might be coming to a closet near you!

Closet AI is a new app that gives users fashion suggestions based on their own personal style. Users simply upload photos of their favorite garments and Closet AI’s algorithm uses their choices to determine their personal style. Using the user’s style as a guideline, the app then proposes different outfit options that the user might like. Since Closet AI has partnered with many major retailers, users will even have the option to purchase the outfits directly from the app. 

Closet apps aren’t the only way AI will change the way we engage with fashion. Companies like StyleScan have created virtual try-on software that allows users to upload pictures of themselves and then try on different outfits to see how they would look on a model of their similar body proportions. Right now the software is only available for retailers but StyleScan hopes to see their virtual-try on software included on the page of every potential clothing purchase.  

AI is also being used by major online retailers like Zalando and ASOS to recommend clothing and footwear sizes to customers based on their previous purchases. This helps customers prevent the frustrating experience of receiving clothing that is the wrong size, while saving the retailers money on unnecessary returns. 

Saving Money on Fashion with New Tech

Choosing and trying on clothing isn’t the only way AI is being used in the fashion industry, AI and machine learning are also being implemented to help you save more money while shopping.

Digital assistants are getting smarter and more complex with each passing year, and soon you’ll be able to use Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Assistant to search the net for your in search of the biggest savings. 

AI can also be used by retailers to help connect with customers, tailor recommendations based on their personal style and offer personalized discounts. AI chatbots are already used to connect with the customers and offer personal fashion suggestions tailored according to a customer’s responses to guided questions. 

Tips for Saving on Fashion, Today!

While there are a lot of promising AI improvements on the horizon for the fashion industry, you don’t have to wait for their arrival to save on your clothing purchases. One of the best ways that you can enjoy a major discount on all your purchases right now is to shop with a coupon code. 

Don’t worry, you won’t have to clip any coupons out of newspapers for these savings! Coupon codes today are found predominantly on websites that specialize in offering free promo codes and other discount offers. The trick to enjoying the best deals, is to find a trendy brand that also offers free promo codes for their clothing.

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