Think Green Maeng Da Is Too Good to Be True? We Have News for You


Green Maeng Da is one of the world’s most popular, potent strains of Kratom. The plant’s name roughly translates to “pounding-paddle tree” in the Malaysian language, and it’s native to Thailand. It has a historic reputation for producing a healthy glow on its users’ skin, hence its appellation “Mitragyna speciosa Rubra.” Kratom’s popularity has soared in recent years due to its most recognizable benefit: its ability to relieve chronic pain.

Red Maeng Da capsules are a great value for the money.

They are up to four times more powerful than regular Maeng Da products and come in a larger size at 30 capsules per bottle. Our Red Maeng Da is also GMO-free and third-party lab tested for your peace of mind.

Kratom is a plant native to Southeast Asia. It’s been used for centuries as a natural remedy to relieve pain, reduce anxiety and depression, combat fatigue, and lessen the symptoms of opiate withdrawal. It works by activating opioid receptors in the central nervous system to produce these effects. It also interacts with serotonin and dopamine receptors (two neurotransmitters that affect your mood and energy level), contributing to its ability to improve your mood and energy levels.

Unlike prescription painkillers, Kratom is completely natural and offers a safer alternative for anyone trying to wean themselves off of painkillers. It can be taken in a variety of different ways to get the most out of this beneficial herb.

One of the most popular methods is by taking these capsules.

The powder inside the capsule works as a digestive aid and quickly absorbs into your system to produce pain-relieving, energizing effects.

Kratom isn’t as potent when taken orally in capsules vs. other forms; however, it’s much cheaper and more convenient than buying ground, dried leaves in bulk. It’s also more convenient than brewing a Kratom tea every time you want to take it.

The next time you’re having trouble falling asleep, or just want to feel more relaxed and energized throughout the day, try taking some Red Maeng Da capsules. Take as many as you need (don’t exceed 8 capsules in one day, as too much may make you feel dizzy or nauseous). You can expect to experience effects within 20-45 minutes of taking this product. The effects of this product last 2-4 hours and fade gradually. It’s best for new Kratom users to start with smaller doses and work their way up.

This product is not intended for use as a medical treatment.

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