Tips To Prevent Your Vape Tank From Leaking

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Taking care of your vape products is essential because they don’t come cheap. Imagine refilling your tank, and when you finally settle to vape, you find that it’s leaking and you have lost half of your vape juice. A leaking tank is not a pretty sight.

There are several reasons why your vape tank may be leaking. It could be a manufacturing defect or mishandling on your part. However, let’s assume you have bought a good vaping product with no design defects whatsoever. 

Why could it be leaking? Maybe you are using the wrong vaping juice, improper vaping techniques, mishandling your tanks, or not keeping an eye on your tank. Most of these reasons are easy to fix, and that’s why in this article, we discuss the tips you can use to prevent your vape tank from leaking.

Fill your vape tank the right way.

The most common reason a vaping tank may be leaking is when it is filled the wrong way. This is usually common with beginner vapers because they are still learning about using their vaping devices. However, even before you start vaping or using vaping devices, it is essential to learn the basics such as cleaning and assembly. If you get things from the get-go, you are going to have a bad experience with vaping.

Most vape tanks contain a central tube leading from the coil to the mouthpiece. The main tube is the chimney, and if vape juice gets in there, it will leak. This problem is known as flooding, and it may cause the vape juice to travel through the entire device, causing it to leak.

To avoid leaking, ensure while you are refilling your vape juice in the tank, you let it slide on the inside of the outer glass. Tip the tank on one side as you are filling it and straighten it slowly as it fills up. Don’t fill up the tank to the top. Leave it when it gets full three-quarter way, and if you’ve spilled any juice to the other parts, use a cotton swab and wipe it off.

Tighten it after refills

Another mistake most people make is when they open up the vape tanks and close them again, they don’t do so tightly, and that’s why it leaks. Usually, when refilling the vape tank and replacing the coil, you have to unscrew the coil and the tank from the base.

When screwing it back is when you can make a mistake. After refilling your tank, ensure you reassemble your device with caution. Check if the coil is tightly secured to the base and check that all the parts fit well to avoid cross-threading. Cross-threading is why the vape tank may later leak.

Don’t tighten it too much.

Same as it’s wrong to tighten your vape tank too loosely, over-tightening is also wrong. The vape tanks are fitted with gaskets and O-rings designed to seal the tank and prevent leaking. The O-rings are made from rubber, and they are located where the seals meet, so if you tighten, they can get snagged and break, causing the vape juice to leak.

To know whether you’ve done it too tight or not tight enough will depend on the device you are using. But generally, screw everything firmly to check whether it’s leaking but remember, don’t make it firm that you have to use a lot of force to open it.

Replace the O-rings when necessary

It’s not only screwing your vape tank too tightly that can ruin the O-rings, but they can also wear over time. That’s why it is essential when cleaning your vape tank to check its condition. If the O-rings are damaged, it is easy to notice it once you remove them from the vape tank. Use a screwdriver or tweezers or anything that can pry them off the base of the screw glass threading.

Sometimes the O-rings may be out of place to cause the leaking. They don’t have to be damaged. Ensure you regularly check the O-rings for any signs of misalignment or damage. If you need to change the O-rings, most manufacturers sell vape devices with spares, so you can use those. If the vape device you bought did not come with spares, then you will have to order the O-rings from a vape shop or visit one to buy. Ensure you find the right size for your device. Once you get the new one, you will clear the issue of your vape tank leaking.

Ensure the tank stays upright at all times.

After using your vaping device, ensure you store it in an upright position. If your tank is laid down, the vape juice will seep through the coil holes, and then it will start leaking, especially if the tank is half empty.

Don’t store it in your pocket for long periods. Ensure you place it in a storage area where it can stay upright and prevent any leakages.

Clean your vape tank regularly.

A dirty vape tank will bring you numerous complications, and one of them is definitely leaking. The buildup of gunk from frequent use may cause the O-rings, airflow tube, or threading not to function properly.

Ensure you clean the vape tank weekly, especially if you vape regularly. Take everything apart and clean all the parts thoroughly with warm water. Check for vape juice buildup and dust that’s sure to find its way in after a while. Gunk on the threading may prevent the vape tank from screwing shut firmly.

Increase the wattage

Some leaking problems may be caused by flooding the coils.  You can solve this issue by upping your wattage. When you up the wattage, the power will vaporize the extra juice seeping through the coils. However, this is not always the solution. Some flavors don’t work with more wattage, which can result in dry hits.

Use the above tips to ensure your vape tanks are not leaking, but if you’ve tried everything and it’s still leaking, then you may want to check if it’s a manufacturing or a design defect.