Top 3 West Coast Gambling Destinations


With massive stakes on the line, the exhilaration of gambling is unmatched by any other pastime. Whether you bet ten dollars or ten thousand dollars on a single round of blackjack, the anticipation is the same. Millions of people in America and many more around the world flock to casinos in search of the next big jackpot and life-changing winnings.

Three West Coast Gambling Sites You Shouldn’t Miss

The following sections will outline everything you need to know about the top three casinos on the West Coast of the United States. Each location will give you an unforgettable experience while you’re chasing Lady Luck.

Tulalip Casino and Resort, Washington State

Located just north of Seattle on the Tulalip Reservation, this casino has everything you can ask for. With numerous restaurants, hotel rooms, and gambling options, you can’t go wrong. This resort houses a plethora of dining options to suit your appetite, but many more eateries are located within a small radius.

Now to the most important part: gambling. The main selling point for this casino is the numerous slot machines. They have a variety of games for everyone, including a Walking Dead-themed game with massive jackpots. In summary, the Tulalip casino is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a fun getaway with some friends or just a quiet night of excitement at the slot machines. 

If you ever run out of activities to do at the resort, the coast is a short walk away, and the bustling metropolis of Seattle is only a few hours of driving down the road. Tulalip also hosts live entertainment and frequently features new guests and performances.

Although Washington’s revenue and traffic don’t compare to the Las Vegas tourism industry statistics, rooms in the Tulalip resort are nicer than the average room in a Vegas hotel. All the areas in this beautifully decorated establishment are kept squeaky clean and well managed by an army of competent and helpful staff members.

Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino, California

The Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino is one of the most popular Native American casinos in all of California. It features a massive 195,000 square foot gaming floor with over 2,000 different tables and machines. Needless to say, this establishment is packed full of fun and opportunity.

The casino and hotel offer all the games you’d find in Vegas, but without the large crowds and hassle. The hotel has all the standard amenities, including free WiFi, conference facilities, a fitness center, and a pool. The rooms are always clean and maintained flawlessly by a professional and friendly staff team. 

Jackson Ranchería Casino Resort, California

The Jackson Ranchería Casino Resort is the land base of the Me-Wuk people and a great place to stay and gamble to your heart’s content. It offers round-the-clock gambling and dining, meaning the winnings never have to stop! They have over 1,700 slot machines, accompanied by over 30 gaming tables with the most popular games.

This casino and resort also claims to have more Mega Jackpot winners than any other casino in Northern California, making this the perfect gambling spot if you’re looking to strike it lucky. Although this casino may not be the same complete package as the Tulalip casino and resort in Washington State, it has plentiful opportunities for you to hit that jackpot and walk home a millionaire. 

To Wrap Up

If you find yourself on the West Coast of the United States anytime soon, make sure to check out one of these three casinos. Even though Las Vegas consistently headlines the casino news, the West Coast has plenty of matching options for you to satisfy your gambling desires.