travel lodge niagara falls ny

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If a vacation couldn’t be more perfect, than a luxury travel lodge in Niagara Falls, NY. Is something missing from your vacation? Do you mind taking a long drive out of town to explore Niagara Falls? If that’s the case, then your resort is about to provide you with the ultimate luxury travel lodge experience. Located just minutes away from the Big Water and close to the French Quarter with all the amenities of home, this luxury resort is sure to please all of your senses.

Travel Lodge Niagara Falls is a 100-percent exclusive luxury resort situated between Niagara Falls and New York City. The resort features an indoor swimming pool (2.5 feet deep), a sauna, swimming pool walkers, tennis fields, basketball courts, a golf course and much more. Situated just outside of the city limits in Niagara Falls, the lodge offers you all of the convenience of civilization while still allowing you to experience something extra.

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