travel photography jobs


Travel photography seems like a good choice for me. I’m in a travel photography job and every time I see others shooting their equipment from the airline seat, I get a kick in the gut because I feel like I could be doing something with my life. At one point in the last year my husband and I went on a delightful European tour with our friend Pauline, who works for DX Tours. We realized that the better camera unit we could purchase from them, if it’s not too expensive, we’d be set up for years of continuous travel. . So when we saw this page, we knew that it sounded like just the thing for us.

I had quite a few questions about the travel industry, so in this blog I will cover each of them. I will also answer some of the most common ones that I have already heard. But before you read any further, we need to cover a few things first:1. What is blogging?2. How similar is blogging to professional photography or imaging?3. What are the typical types of travel jobs on offer?4. Are there any specific blogs for an upcoming trip? (Also, I would really like to hear your thoughts on where these experiences came from.