What is a Boutique Hotel?


In an article by INSIDER, 18 hotels were nominated as the best boutique hotels in the world. A boutique hotel in Bali claimed the top spot, while runner ups included boutique hotels in New Zealand and Costa Rica. But, what is a boutique hotel? A boutique hotel is a contemporary and fashionable hotel that is usually located in an urbanised area within a larger city. 

But what makes boutique hotels different from large hotel chains?  In this article, we will consider several ways in which boutique hotels stack up against the competition and reasons why you should consider staying at one of the boutique hotels in Singapore on your next visit! 

1.  Boutique Hotels Offer A More Intimate And Cosy Setting

They are different from bigger hotel chains like Marriott International and Intercontinental Hotels Groups due to their more intimate setting. But, let’s not beat down on larger hotel chains. Big box chains help provide a sense of security since you know what to expect when you book a room at a Marriott. Furthermore these chain hotels have several different locations within the same city. 

On the flipside, boutique hotels offer guests a more intimate and cushy setting since they are a lot smaller than their hotel counterparts. In fact, there are usually 25 to 100 hotel rooms in any given boutique hotel. For comparison there are an average number of 300 hotel rooms per hotel. That’s over 3 times the amount of rooms available in a fairly large boutique hotel! 

With a small sized hotel fitted with fewer rooms, you are almost guaranteed more focused and personalised service from the staff. Plus, with their smaller size, boutique hotels often come equipped with shared living areas where fellow travellers can interact and mingle with one another. 

2.  Boutique Hotels Offer A Thematic Experience

Apart from their smaller sizes, boutique hotels also have a certain theme that sets it apart from other hotels. Examples of these themes can include historical themes. For example, one of the boutique hotels in Singapore which boasts of a unique historical theme is the Heritage Collection in Chinatown. With its nostalgic-themed setting and walls decorated in illustrious murals depicting Singapore’s iconic shophouses, Heritage Collection in Chinatown is a stellar example of a thematic boutique hotel. What’s more the hotel rooms are built within a shophouse! That’s certainly something you don’t see with big box chains. Other themes which are popular for boutique hotels focus around certain famous figures, features or hues. 

3.  Boutique Hotels Are Usually Located In The Perfect Locations

Location, location, location. 

It all boils down to location for many hotels. Some hotels are situated in the city’s business district to cater to their international business guests. While other hotels are located in beautiful resort settings to appeal to holidayers. Boutique hotels are usually nestled in the heart of the city and tucked away into other notable locations that boast of the city’s rich history and culture. 

Due to their great locations, these unique hotels in Singapore offer guests a chance to discover the city and perfect opportunities to snap instagrammable photos! In fact, it’s quite common to find a whole slew of boutique hotels within the hippest and trendiest areas within the city. So you’re assured of a scenic spot to stay in while you’re here when you make a hotel reservation at one of the boutique hotels in Singapore 


4.  Boutique Hotels Are More Affordable Than Large Hotel Chains

Another plus point for boutique hotels is that they are more affordable than big-box chains. In fact, according to one source, boutique hotels are often 10 to 20 percent cheaper than larger retail chains. So if you are looking for unique hotels in Singapore that can offer a luxurious experience at an affordable price, boutique hotels are right up your alley. 

Alternatively, if you are looking for an affordable location for a well-deserved staycation, a boutique hotel might just be the answer! With their wallet-friendly prices and unique aesthetics, boutique hotels can offer you a great staycation experience. 

Stay At A Boutique Hotel In Singapore!

With their more intimate setting and promise of personalised service, boutique hotels in Singapore offer visitors an unforgettable opportunity to experience the Lion city! Even though boutique hotels are often dwarfed by their larger chain hotel counterparts, it doesn’t take away from the hotel’s capability to offer a luxurious experience to their visitors. Additionally, with many boutique hotels in Singapore being tucked away in different precincts on the island, each boutique hotel can offer a rich and thematic experience that tells the story of Singapore. 

So what are you waiting for? Get your travel bags packed and head on over to Singapore where you can stay at a boutique hotel!