Best Quality GAF Roof Shingles For Homes


A roof is an essential part of people’s homes. It protects a home from different weather conditions. Also, it gives insulation and blocks heat to reduce energy costs. It increases the property value of a home. Nowadays, the use of roof shingles has been increasing in homes. A shingle provides a distinctive appearance to your roof. You can use shingles to improve the appearance of your house. Different types of roof shingles are available for the home. Each shingle is perfect for installing in homes or for roof replacement.

Shingles are made from asphalt, metal, steel, copper, clay, slate, etc. They have different costs, benefits, and styles. Also, many people prefer shingles roofs over tile roofs. Various brands are available for roof shingles for homes. Many people prefer home roof shingles of the GAF brand. In this article, you can check details for GAF 3 tab shingles; keep reading:

About GAF Roof Shingles

GAF is a famous brand for roof shingles. GAF roof shingles are of the best quality and provide a long lifespan. This brand was started back in 1886 in Bound Brook, NJ. After that, we got the best quality asphalt shingles. This brand has won many awards for its roofing shingles in multiple years. GAF roof shingles are inexpensive and weatherproof. Also, you can find plenty of variety in the styles and colors of the GAF roof shingles. A roofing contractor use GAF Timberline HDZ and GAF Royal Sovereign weathered gray shingles. Many people use GAF Timberline HDZ Shingles as they are stronger than others. They are known for their looks and reliability.

GAF Timberline HDZ Shingles are available in colors like barkwood, charcoal, hunter green, shake wood, slate, etc. Also, GAF 3-tab Royal Sovereign shingles have best designs than others. They are available in different colors like autumn brown, slate, weathered gray, nickel gray, etc. You can find these shingles in many homes across North America. Nowadays, many roofing contractors use materials from the GAF brand as they provide better options for residential roofing. They also give a warranty to the users. So, cover your house with the best quality GAF roof shingles in the North Carolina weather. 

Cost Of GAF Shingles

It takes different factors to decide the pricing of the GAF roof shingles. Also, people have to pay for the installation or replacement of the GAF roof shingles. The price of GAF shingles depends on the size and shape of your roof. There are different costs for the various types of GAF roof shingles. Also, the average dimensional GAF Timberline shingles are about $115-$125 per square. Then, GAF Royal Sovereign three-tab shingles are available at $62-$78 per square (100 square feet). 

You will get high-quality GAF Timberline Ultra HD shingles at $120-$145 per square. GAF Woodland shingles are more expensive than other shingles. You will get these shingles at $150-$160 per square. Also, customers have to pay for these accessories for GAF shingles: deck paper, cap shingles, moisture barrier, ridge vent, starter strip shingles, etc. The cost for installation labor is $125-$250 per square.