How to undergo ACL reconstruction in Singapore


When a fracture at the neck of the thigh bone (femur) happens, you may need to undergo ACL reconstruction. This is because it’s not possible for your body to regenerate cartilage; doctors then use an autograft that comes from another part of the body. It’s common knowledge that these procedures can take quite a long time and have complications; however, by undergoing proper aftercare and following guidelines, they are quite successful in achieving their goal of restoring function to your knee joint.

The process is as follows:

– You’re placed under general anesthesia while on a bed with an inflatable pillow beneath your leg so that you don’t move it too much.

– A doctor makes a small cut at the front of your knee to expose the tibia and femur to make sure that there is enough soft tissue for healthy reconstruction.

– If the doctor finds that there isn’t enough soft tissue, then he will let it heal normally. Otherwise, the ACL is reconstructed by using grafts from tissues that are taken from a donor’s body. There are three different ways in which they can be harvested:

After this is done, an orthopedic surgeon will sew the tissue together using a needle and thread in order to cover up your ACL graft. If a hamstring graft was used (the most common type) then tension band wires are also used to secure it in place.

– Now it’s time for the doctor to check for signs of inflammation. If there are any signs of inflamed tissue, then the doctor will give you anti-inflammatory medication like ibuprofen or diclofenac.

– After this, it’s time for you to get an x-ray in order to determine whether everything looks good or if more work needs to be done. Once this is done, the graft will heal itself in 3–6 months and then you can start physical therapy where a physical therapist will help you get your knee moving again through several exercises and non-weight-bearing activities.

With the proper aftercare, you are in a much better position to recover from your surgery. This faster recovery time may not be common knowledge but will certainly help you out tremendously.

Recovering from ACL reconstruction Singapore is a process that takes years and can turn into something of a nightmare. To stay in shape, it’s also important to be aware of some symptoms that occur during the healing process and what they mean. If you have any of these problems, make sure to visit your doctor or physical therapist as soon as possible so that they can evaluate whether or not there is an issue with your knee.

Hire the right specialties for your ACL reconstruction.

A doctor should have the experience, skill, and great knowledge in this field of surgery. It is important for you to choose this team with care for the success and the happiness you want in your future life.

Hire a doctor who understands and supports your goals of healing. This may seem obvious to some but many people just don’t think about why they need to hire a doctor who’s been through it all. They don’t realize that having someone there who knows what you’re going through can help a lot since they’ve done it before. In fact, most doctors are pretty understanding during this process and if their job requires them to be strict then so be it – and the point is, they are professional in managing their job well.