What Are The Best Things To Do In Mount Pleasant?


The suburban town Mount Pleasant is growing fast. It is a town located in the county of Charleston. Here, people can enjoy an urban feel as it has beaches and other amenities. The Ravenel Bridge connects Mount pleasant to neighboring towns like James Island, Summerville, and Isle of Palms. The foremost inhabitants of Mount Pleasant were the SeeWee Indians. After that, Europeans created life in Mount Pleasant back in 1680. Mount Pleasant had played a vital role in the military engagement and success of the Revolutionary War. There are many reasons to love Mount Pleasant. 

Crime rates in Mount Pleasant are lower than in other areas. This area is also ranked high in education. It has Wando High School and the Mount Pleasant School System. Also, this town has low poverty rates than other cities. Also, there are many things to do in Mount Pleasant. Below, you can check the details for the best things in this area and also about Mount Pleasant real estate:

Best Things To Do In Mount Pleasant

Here are the top things to do in Mount Pleasant:

  • Shem Creek

Shem Creek is one of the best places to visit in Mount Pleasant. This creek includes the best eateries and relaxing spots. You can also participate in various outdoor activities and watch intriguing wildlife.

  • The Old Village 

The Old Village is the oldest neighborhood in Mount Pleasant. This historic district is best for strolling through the streets streaked with live oaks. You can visit the different shops in the Old Village. You can see the protected historic structures like Patjens Post Office and the Pitt Street Pharmacy.

  • Charles Pinckney Historic Site

Charles Pickney National Historic Site is a must-visit place in Mount Pleasant. This site includes a portion of Snee Farm since the 18th century. Also, it was the country farm of Colonel Charles Pickney. Then, there is Visitor Center which has the archaeological digs.

  • Patriots Point Naval 

People can honor U.S. Troops at the Patriots Point Cold War Submarine Memorial in Mount Pleasant. It has the parts of the Clark SSBN 664 and USS Lewis submarines. Also, it is a dithyramb to the people who operated submarines at an earlier time.

  • Vickery’s Bar and Grill

Vickery’s Bar and Grill is the best restaurant in Mount Pleasant. This restaurant is famous for its Lowcountry sauteed shrimp, Southern-fried chicken tenders, jambalaya with scallops, Andouille sausage, etc. Guests can enjoy tasty food with stunning views at Vickery’s Bar and Grill.

  • Charleston Fun Park

Charleston Fun Park is the best place for enjoying various activities in Mount Pleasant. People can enjoy golf, Go-karts, a fantastic arcade, fossil mining, etc. You can come here with your family to have a good time.

Purchasing A Home In Mount Pleasant

So, Mount Pleasant is the best area to live in Charleston. Here, people have access to various amenities. The cost of living in this place is lower than in most cities. You can enjoy a suburban life here. Mount Pleasant ranks well in education, poverty, and diversity. 

You will get different options for houses as per your budget here. If you want to live in this place, you can check homes for sale mount pleasant sc online.